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Mission Statement: The Rural Heritage Center engages families and community in cultural and educational experiences by preserving rural traditions which teach lessons for present and future generations.

In 2007, the Island & Village of Geneva Rural Heritage Center, Inc. was formed as a 501(c)(3) organization to help celebrate the rural heritage of Eastern Seminole County.  In 2009, the Seminole County School Board generously offered to donate the historic Geneva School House to be the home of the Rural Heritage Center.  The Center partnered with neighboring rural communities of Black Hammock and Chuluota to create a community learning center to provide hands-on learning to the Central Florida community.

Since then, the Geneva School House is ushering in a  “Rural Renaissance” for Central Florida.  At 101 E. Main Street in Geneva, the historic brick school house is now the home of the Rural Heritage Center, celebrating the rural traditions of the past, present and future of Seminole County and Central Florida.


We have Room Space Available

Written by Deborah Schafer Last Updated (20 April 2015)

 Sqaure Dancing

If you would like to hold a class, a theater production, after school program  or  Heritage Event. We have wireless connection, handicap accessible, pull down screens in each room with large white boards available upon request.

Suggested donations to use one of our 3 classroom are:  600sq ft each

These are spacious class rooms that can hold over 50 people, idea for a meeting, class or workshop.

$20 Two hours

$30 Four hours

$ 60 Eight hours

Suggested donation for our Event/Theater Room:  1395 sq ft

Holds around 250 people seated, our theater room is a ideal location for a reception, recitals, conference and lectures. The room has a raised stage, sound equipment, mics, large over head screen, and projector that can be easily hooked into a laptop .

$40 Two hours

$ 60 Four hours

$120 Eight hours

We also have outdoor space for event rental use, like a craft fair, art fair, car show , etc.


No alcohol allowed in building or on the grounds.


(Donations subject to change, you must be member to rent the rooms, and you must clean after using the space)


“A deposit of $ 100.oo one hundred dollars , in check form equal to the amount of your user donation will be required.” When the space you have used has been inspected for damages and is found to be clean, then your deposit will be returned within 14 day of receipt via mail.


Learn to make a American Farmstead Hearth Broom

Written by Deborah Schafer Last Updated (14 February 2015)

May 30, Saturday - Learn to make an American farmstead hearth broom in the traditional manner, as would have been done by pioneer farmers.  The round hearth brooms have pretty woven broom corn stalks extending up the handle a bit, but no modern materials, no nylon twine,  no fancy shellac on the handle.  The class will be taught at the Rural Heritage Center, 101 E Main St., Geneva, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Bring your own lunch.  The cost is $30 and includes all tools and supplies.  Youngsters 12-17 are accepted if a parent comes along.  Register now as the class size is limited. Contact Bob Putnam for more information and to register - 407-366-9603,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Calligraphy Class being offered

Written by Deborah Schafer

Before there was Zentangle, there was calligraphy. The RHC intends to offer a class in calligraphy in the middle or last weeks of June.

The class, which will last several hours, will be taught by a professional scribe, so we will charge a small tuition for expenses.

As always, the class size will be between 5 and 10 students so that as much individual attention as possible can be given.

This class will teach Uncial hand, which is excellent for a beginning calligrapher. Later classes will expand on this knowledge.

We are taking reservations for this class. If you are interested or have any questions, please email us. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Aug 21, 7 pm. Turpentine Industry

Written by Deborah Schafer Last Updated (23 February 2015)
August 21, Friday - While hiking through the woods, have you ever wondered what those strange markings on older pine trees meant or what those strange pots you dug out in your yard were used for?

At 7 PM at the Rural Heritage Center, 101 E Main St., Geneva, (historic brick school), Mal and Mary Jo Martin of the Geneva Historical Society, will present a slide show and a display of some of the items used in the Turpentine Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i5souIIcXU They will tell where some of the local turpentine stills were located and you will hear about how turpentine sap is taken from the trees, how it is distilled, and what are woods riders, cat faces, resin, rosin, hacks, chippers, dross.  Also learn the everyday products that still use turpentine. Don't miss this informative and interesting event.


Thank you to All our Sponsors For Founders Days-Quilt Festival

Written by Deborah Schafer Last Updated (04 April 2015)


The winners of the Quilt Festival

Written by Deborah Schafer Last Updated (30 March 2015)

Quilt Winners

1. Antique – State Stars- Benna Boutty

2. Older- Granny Witley’s Flower Garden- Sherry Goode

3. Memory - Michael Memories - Gretchen Krasoski

4. Applique - Disappearing 9 Patch with applique-Olivia Miller

5. Pieced - Spiderman - Cheryl Coates

6. Embroidered - Latte - Gretchen Krasoski

7. Art - Just for Emily -Lorraine Rainey

8. Miniature – Inspiration- Anna Izzo 

9. Wearable and Fashion - (Black Dress with red Flowers) - Lorraine Rainey

10. Youth maker - My First Quilt -Cambrie Emerson

11. Collaboration – Friday Fabs- Elisabeth Coleman


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