Our beautiful facility at the historic Geneva schoolhouse is available to members and their guests for a donation. Please review our suggested donation details.

We have a large Event & Theater room (pictured left) and three smaller classroom-size rooms all with movable tables and chairs. Our Event & Theater room has beautiful hardwood floors milled from local oak trees blown down by the hurricanes in 2004.

To request usage of the facility, please contact our scheduling coordinator at 407-792-0758. The coordinator will check availability, verify your membership and walk you through the approval process. Once the coordinator confirms availability and membership you will need to fill out the Facility Agreement below.  When this is received the scheduling coordinator will contact you to request the donation. This can be done by using the Paypal “Donate” link below or by sending a check to Rural Heritage Center, PO Box 847, Geneva, FL 32732.  Your request will not be confirmed until the donation has been received.

Facility Use Agreement

This document, herein after known as the Agreement, defines the entire facility use contract between Rural Heritage Member signed below and the Rural Heritage Center (RHC).

Conduct or any prohibited activities so described will void this agreement.

Suggested donations for use of the various portions of the RHC facilities unless otherwise stated are as follows:

Suggested donations for use of any of the three (3) classrooms (plus $100.00 cleaning deposit):

  • $20.00 for two (2) hours
  • $30.00 for four (4) hours
  • $60.00 for eight (hours)

Suggested donations for the Event & Theater Room (plus $100.00 cleaning deposit):

  • $60 for four (4) hours
  • $120 for (8) hour

User bears the responsibility of cleaning facility spaces after each day’s completion of event. If the facility is in clean and neat condition after your usage, your deposit will be refunded in full. If the facility is found to be dirty or in disarray, part or all of your deposit is subject to forfeit.

A PayPal deposit of $100.00 (One Hundred dollars) will be required. When the space you have used has been inspected for damages and being cleaned then your deposit will be return within 14-day of receipt via PayPal.

Any person or group using any of the RHC facilities for private purposes must be a paid member of the Rural Heritage Center and hereby agrees to hold the RHC completely harmless for any and all injuries to persons or damages to personal property that might occur during this usage.

Payment is in advance and can be made by PayPal. Please complete the form below, and once notified by the RHC office, you can submit payment via the PayPal button below.

  1. Availability: Building and grounds are for the exclusive use of Rural Heritage Center Members and guests. Space will be available on a first come basis.
  2. Equipment and Supplies: Use of equipment and supplies such as tables, chairs, audio visual items and other accessories if required may be made available. In the absence of certain items, agreed to upon signing the Agreement, will be the responsibility of the user.
  3. Care of Facilities: All facilities, toilet rooms, grounds and/or equipment must be left in as good as condition as before event. Failure to do so will prohibit user access in the future and be cause for forfeiture of cleaning deposit.
  4. Hold Harmless: Building users and guests entering into this agreement agree to release and hold harmless Rural Heritage Center and all of its owners, officers, directors, employees, volunteers and agents from any and all liability or claims including death or injury which may occur relating to the use of the RHC facility and grounds.
  5. Security: No security is provided and the RHC is not liable for any loss due to theft or other loss of property of users or attendees.
  6. Special Needs: Items not within the scope of the RHC will be discussed at the signing of the Agreement. Any such additional services will be retained by the user who/which will bear all financial responsibilities for said services.
  7. Prohibited Activities:
    • A. No form of gambling,
    • B. Possession or use any alcoholic beverages, no alcohol allowed in building or on the grounds and/or controlled substance
    • C. Smoking. Building and grounds are smoke free,
    • D. Possession of firearms, knives or other potentially dangerous weapons.

Rental Agreement

Requestor's Information

Rental Information

Once your application has been approved, you may make your payment via the PayPal button below.