Hurricane Ian Relief For Seminole County

If you have been affected by Hurricane Ian and are still in need of cleaning supplies, please email with your contact information and we will schedule a time.

Many thanks to all those individuals and organizations who are being the hands and feet of Jesus! Their generous donations of time and trasure have blessed thousands in our community.

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals:

The idea to use the Rural Heritage Center as a hub for different relief teams to serve the community came from Joy Recicar, who currently serves as the Vice President on the board at the Rural Heritage Center. She has been instrumental in coordinating relief efforts and continues to serve alongside her family and other volunteers by keeping the Center open each day to those in need.

We would like to thank some of those that continue to give so much:

Joy and Jake Recicar

Joshua Recicar

Jamie Recicar

Charis Recicar

Sarah Recicar

David Recicar

Steven Recicar

Rural Heritage Center Board

Katie Auld and Family

Heather Clark & Family

Ivan Leibbrandt & family

Katherine Prevallet & Family

Horsepower Ranch

Candra Cunningham

Michelle Capozzia

Sally Strong

Megan Sladek & Oviedo

Alan Harris (Seminole County)

Aaron Funk (Seminole County)

Ashley Moore (SC Communications Officer)

Lt. Bobby Smith

Jeff Long (FEMA)

Ms. Lois & Mr. Scott (American Red Cross)

Governor DeSantis

Grant Maloy

Corey Mills

Vital Church-Pastor Farley

Action Church-Aimee Hurley

FBC Geneva-Conrad and Aaron

Project Linus (Handmade Blankets)

Convoys of Hope (Cleaning Supplies)

Tina Scott (Mullet Lake)

Dan Shaw (Danville)

First United Methodist Church of Oviedo-Pastor Brian James

Mary Jo Martin (community communications)

Salvation Army (meals, flood buckets, food boxes) Lt. Omar

Firehouse Subs

Geneva Elementary

Paula Pearson

Most Precious Blood Catholic Church

The Goddard School

Gary & Stephanie Bowers

Cindy Burnham

All American Excavating

First United Methodist Church of Geneva

Tammy Procell

Jessica Kaiser & family


Cornerstone Homeschool Co-op

Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church: Pastor Reverend Arnold Cotton

Do you love the Rural Heritage Center?

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We surely hope so because it belongs to you, me and ALL OF US. The building has character and great usefulness but to use a rural term, "It is a bit long-in-the-tooth". In 2024 it will celebrate 100 years "young".

All of us who serve gratis on the Board of Directors do it because we consider it to be a priceless community jewel where people can gather to worship, learn and celebrate.

As a vintage building, it does have serious needs and unfortunately they cost money. Please consider a donation to help us keep it up and running. We are a 501c3 organization so all donations are 100% tax deductible.

As you can see there are LOTS OF GOOD REASONS to consider a donation to our Rural Heritage Center.