Please understand that folks in the Eastern Rural Area of Seminole County are self-reliant and accustomed to working towards goals – just like you. That work includes restoration and preservation of the old Geneva schoolhouse, including a beautiful wood floor, milled in Geneva of course, that was salvaged from trees uprooted in the 2004 hurricanes. To date we have neither sought nor received a penny of direct government funding. All of our work has come from donations from citizens like yourself who want to preserve what is good and right about Central Florida.

Please help us as we continue to build your organization and expand our programs to cast an ever wider net to involve all who wish to be part of this worthwhile adventure.

We are a not-for-profit 501 C3 organization so your donation is tax deductable. We can do it, we will do it, but we need you to help us in the efforts required to reach our common goals.